Removed from the rest of Chile with limited impact from "progress" and development, the natural beauty of Torres Del Paine has remained intact. Perhaps most renowned for its mountainous regions the Patagonian peaks of the Andes aren’t as high as those closer to the Equator, but they’re still enormous rising some 10,000 feet from near sea level.

These remote and rugged mountains dwarf you at every turn, overwhelming with so much awe-inspiring beauty it’s really hard to take it all in… and very easy to feel insignificant in relation.  Everything I saw reflected the themes I strive to express in my photography… the forces of nature, the landscapes being bigger than my own sense of relevance as nature always prevails.

Patagonia’s mountainous landscapes are defined by ice fields, fast flowing rivers and lakes. Each lake with it's own shade of turquoise and water so crystal clear and blue that the colour looks like it has been “photoshopped” These are the most intensely coloured rivers and lakes that I have seen anywhere in the world.

In South America, "south" means more than a direction, more than a description and more than a mere adjective. It means Patagonia!