Xiapu-welcome to stick heaven

Famed in China for its beautiful mudflats , Xiapu attracts numerous photographers mainly from China. Located in the southeast of Fujian Province, Xiapu has a long coastline of more than 400 kilometers and approximately 40 square kilometers of tidal mudflats. Famous as “China’s hometown of seaweed” , Xiapu has developed an original and simple marine culture.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the fishing villages around Xiapu are the expansive patterns of bamboo rods staked into the tidal flats

Obviously not naturally occurring. They serve multiple purposes. Creating a grid by which the fisherman can stay organized, they grow oysters and other shellfish, and they are a place to dry seaweed. at certain times of the year.

But for photographers, these bamboo rods make fascinating subjects. Shooting mostly from elevated viewpoints, the waters around are patterned in a variety of ways, creating a fantastic landscape for photographers to capture.

The people and homes of Xiapu reflect a simple life. Unlike our western society were we find ourselves obsessed with constant upgrading our lives, technologies, homes, relationships and more. The simple life led by the locals in Xiapu is something to be admired. Tradition is still strongly kept and the winding alleyways and freedom from advertising being thrust at you is a welcomed change.