Hi, my name is Robert Salisbury. I’m a Yorkshire man, but I live in Australia, kind of by the way of England, technically. Landscape photography is my calling, my dream, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me mad someday. I don’t photograph a landscape. I capture the way it makes me feel. Maybe a strange concept?  But it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe my approach to my image making. I wrestle with every image I shoot. I assume perfection is possible but never achievable. Driven in the pursuit of new experiences, pushing me to continually evolve my vision, but most importantly, to carry my camera with humour, compassion and curiosity. So, if this is all you ever know about me, then hey, you know me very, very well. 

......But You want more!

My Photographic Journey So far...

 My interest in photography sparked over twenty years ago when backpacking around the world. Wanting to have something more than just  snap shots as memories , I started reading photography books and magazines, trying to improve my photographs, these were in the days of film. I won't claim to have spent hours in a dark room etc, because I didn't. I just waited for the lab to process the prints, review and try to see where I was going wrong.... tough and expensive times to improve, hale the invention of digital!

Australia is a country full of dramatic landscapes and wide open spaces To not have anything ignited whilst here should ( and actually is!) , be a crime. For me, a passion for landscape photography, I enjoy the travel and exploration of new and old places, chasing the light and drama in the weather that I like to capture in my images. Do I have a style? Not yet, it is still very much developing, but I do lean towards a moody, dramatic landscape, always searching for a dark and  stormy sky or interesting cloud formations, I find this to be of equal importance to that of the actual landscape itself. 

The inner struggle within is to try and avoid shooting a landscape in the same way as other photographers. The challenge is to find new and interesting areas and avoid recapturing other photographer's work albeit the same shot at a slightly different angle. The reality is, nearly everything has been done and nothing will be truly original, however I think it a good mindset to strive for originality. My inspirations are mixed and varied with so many accomplished photographers out there to admire. I have recognised in only this small corner of the world a considerable amount of photographic talent.

I hope within some of these pages you find enjoyment in the collections of some of my favorite images.




2017 Australian Photographer of the year-Landscape Runner up

2016 Australian Top Emerging Photographer-Landscape Runner up

2014 International Loupe Awards -Gold

2014 International Loupe Awards -Silver

2014 International Loupe Awards -Silver

2014 International Loupe Awards -Bronze







The gear is not important but...

Presently, I shoot exclusively  with a Pentax 645z medium format camera and lenses, process with a combination of Lightroom 6, Photoshop CC and Helicon Focus